Name: Xi’an SKP

Location: Xi'an, China

Time of completion: 2018

Gross floor area (GFA): 237,047 m2

Client: Beijing Hualian (SKP) Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Architectural design: Sybarite (London, UK)

Interior design: Sybarite (London, UK)

Lighting design: Lighting Design Partnership International (China Branch)

Lighting design scope of work: Façade, Interior B1-19F (including B1 BHG supermarket, 1F SKP WATCH SELECT and Camille Fournet, 2F Corthay)

Xi’an SKP is located at the Southeast corner of the Yongning gate, not only it is the oldest and most beautifully decorated gate of Xi'an dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), but it was also the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. And for Beijing Hualian (SKP) Real Estate Co., Ltd. this is also a new starting point after the renovation of the Beijing SKP. By improving the successful contemporary design recipe used in Beijing, Xi’an SKP, with its curves spreading around and within its 19-storey 164,779 m2 tower A and 6-storey 72,268 m2 tower B, has become a retail, recreation, entertainment and socialization landmark of the former capital since its opening in May 2018.